Justin Hunter


Employment Highlights

Entrepreneur with 15+ years of entrepreneurial business-building experience at three successful start-ups on three continents as well as extensive IT consulting and corporate development experience.

During my career, I have enjoyed working in both successful venture capital-backed start-ups and Fortune 500 companies and have worked in jobs in Hong Kong, London, and New York. In my career, I particularly enjoy creating and managing:


Founder and CEO


Feb 2009 - Present

In 2009, I launched my third start-up, Hexawise, Inc.. Hexawise is a test case design tool allows companies to test their software applications more thoroughly and in less time. It does so by allowing software testers to be smarter in how they identify what should be tested (and what shouldn't be tested). Hexawise is a SaaS firm based in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, near the Research Triangle Park. Our tool is currently being used to test thousands of application at dozens of Fortune 500 firms and hundreds of other firms.

Software testers use the Hexawise software test design tool to identify tests that achieve higher coverage in fewer tests. The primary users of Hexawise are the people within IT organizations who are responsible for test design and senior-level project management (e.g., generally the people who document test plans and test scripts). Additional users include Testers, Business Analysts, Developers, Project Managers, and other Senior-Level IT stakeholders.

Global Director, Strategic Outsourcing

Accenture (Large global technology consulting firm)

May 2001 - February 2009

Proposed and implemented a new go-to-market strategy to sell outsourcing services using a combination of a new sales force and industrialized sales processes which has been adopted globally by the firm. Currently help manage the sales team and develop, structure, and execute transactions ranging from large, complex, multi-country acquisitions, business alliances, and transformational outsourcing transactions to straightforward IT outsourcing deals. Projects and transactions worked on to date have covered operations in the US, India, China, the UK, Belgium, France, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, and Venezuela.


Head of Corporate Business Development

Xelector (European e-finance comparison shopping firm)

August 1999 - February 2001

Carried out all aspects of corporate business development: assessed potential strategic corporate relationships and executed mergers and acquisitions, strategic alliances, and joint ventures with financial service companies. Regularly participated in board meetings as one of the company's three Executive Directors, along with the company's CEO and CFO and external Directors from Morgan Stanley and Apax.


General Manager

BOOM Securities (Asia's first online brokerage)

(Privately Held; 51-200 employees; Capital Markets industry)

June 1998 - August 1999 (1 year 3 months)

Helped launch the innovative company (which won Internet World Asia's award for "Asia's best Consumer Internet Site"), and - as many early-stage entreprenuers can relate to - carried out broad responsibilities in general management, corporate business development, market-entry strategy, operations, law, marketing, public relations, and human resources.


Associate, International Capital Markets

Linklaters & Paines (in Hong Kong and London)

(Partnership; 1001-5000 employees; Law Practice industry)

October 1996 — June 1998 (1 year 9 months)

Worked on over 30 transactions that raised over US$3 billion for European and Asian clients. Responsibilities included drafting, transaction management, due diligence, and negotiation support.




University of Virginia School of Law

JD/MBA, Law (UVa School of Law) and Business (Darden Graduate School of Business), 1992 — 1996


University of Virginia - Darden Graduate School of Business Administration

JD/MBA, Finance, Entreprenuership, 1992 — 1996


Georgetown University

BSFS, International Economics, 1987 — 1991
Phi Beta Kappa, Magna Cum Laude




(Recommendations below are from linkedin.com profile)


Global Director, Strategic Outsourcing


“Justin Hunter is one of the brightest and most capable professionals that I have worked with over the course of my 16 year career. He is energetic and passionate about his job, but not at the expense of personal relationships or respect for individuals. We worked very closely together over a 6 month period to frame a $300M consumer Lending Business Process Outsourcing deal . It was a pleasure and he has been a close friend ever since.” September 13, 2006

- Jerry Rowell, Sr. Mgr Fin Srvs Consulting, Accenture  (worked with Justin at Accenture)


“Justin has an amazing talent to develop and push complex deals both within his own organization (i.e. make the metrics work) and at the client (i.e. develop the business value proposition). His good sense of humor and tenacity are success factors in any deal team. He knows the topics very well!!!” April 29, 2008

- Jerome Dumaine, Partner, Accenture (managed Justin indirectly at Accenture)


“Justin spent a considerable period of time working for me as we shaped and built a new capability inside the firm. Justin's intelligence goes without saying but he proved to be innovative and flexible while at the same time grounded in the practical reality of getting stuff delivered.” March 14, 2008

- Paul Cantwell, Partner, Accenture (managed Justin at Accenture)


“Justin and I worked together to build a joint venture for BPO related to investment banking. Justin was a great partner in terms of his ability to help shape the strategic direction of the project and to identify and help resource the tasks necessary for completion. He came to the table with a strong background and understanding in the areas of experience we were looking for Accenture to provide to the effort.” March 13, 2008

- Ian Rosen, Vice President, Investment Banking Strategy, Thomson Financial
(was with another company when working with Justin at Accenture)


Head of Corporate Business Development

Xelector (European e-finance comparison shopping firm)

“Justin has a strong combination of strategic insight and attention to detail, enabling him to do excellent work in structuring and negotiating deals with partners and acquisition candidates at Xelector.” March 12, 2008

Daniel Grasman, COO, Xelector

“Justin was a great guy to work with, both on a professional & personal basis.” March 26, 2008  Suzanne Deane, Unsecured lending Director, Xelector


“Justin and I worked on a number of acquisitions and his knowledge and approach were impressive.” March 13, 2008

- Gordon Steyn, Mortgage Director, Enba - First e - Xelector

General Manager

BOOM Securities (Asia's first online brokerage)

“Justin manages mission-critical responsibilities in operations, management, and strategy, with unique success and sophistication. During the Asian Economic Crisis of the late 1990’s, Justin’s talent for innovation, will to succeed, and diplomacy were instrumental in the design, financing and regulatory licensing of the first online trading firm in Hong Kong. His capacity for rapidly understanding complex commercial circumstances and dynamically engineering durable solutions are the intangible assets that make good companies, great.” April 23, 2008

- Mark B Duff, Managing Director, The Boom Group (managed Justin at BOOM Securities)


“Justin is an excellent businessman. His legal skills are a nice compliment to his business acumen. I would recommend that anyone who is looking for an honest, straight shooting and intelligent leader for their company, they bring Justin in immediately. (Justin, any chance you are interested in Coming back to Asia? We have a place for you in our company.)” April, 2008

- Jon Hakim, Cofounder, Boom Securities (worked directly with Justin at BOOM Securities)


“Justin has very sharp intellect, is bright and insightful, comfortable in operating with people from all over the world, and is a genuinely nice guy. I have known him for 8 years and have visited with him in four separate continents during that time. We have caught up in Hong Kong (where he was launching Asia's first Internet stock brokerage), London (after he had launched his second successful e-finance firm), New York (after he had accepted a position at Accenture), and Bombay (where he was working on developing Accenture's outsourcing capabilities). I have found our visits to be enriching for me personally, and throughout our conversations, I've been consistently impressed with both Justin's business insights and the enthusiasm he shows in exploring new things and other cultures” March 16, 2008

- Ram Badrinathan, Senior Associate - Strategy, ChinaDotCom - Ion Global
(was with another company when working with Justin at BOOM Securities)

Associate, International Capital Markets

Linklaters & Paines (in Hong Kong and London)

“I had the pleasure of working with Justin for more than two years in Hong Kong. I found him to be very capable, conscientious and client-focused. I would definitely recommend him as an adviser and an employee.” March 20, 2008

- David Riley, Attorney, Linklaters (worked directly with Justin at Linklaters & Paines in Hong Kong)




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